Our Ciders

FoxCraft Hard Cider - Family Photo

FoxCraft has crafted an evolutionary hard cider built on tradition but with a New-World style that has already won 11 awards in 2015. People describe our hard ciders as very refreshing, crisp and bright, with a clean and elegant finish. What’s not to like?

We work hard to craft ciders that celebrate our fresh pressed apple blend and the branch to bottle estate cidery quality. Our unique fermentation process avoids the traditional “barn on the farm” taste profiles.

Our ciders pair well with a large variety of foods including creamy and stinky cheeses, salmon, spicy ethnic dishes and grilled/smoked meats. Available in 12 oz, 22 oz, 1/6 barrel and ½ barrel.


(Semi-dry hard cider, 6.5% ABV, gluten free); FoxCraft has blended rich cider history with our Sonoma County signature to create a stand-out cider you won’t forget.  Our Pear Hard Cider imparts a dazzling combination of five apples finished with a premium blend of pears to create a crisp, fresh and fruit-driven cider with a soft mouth feel that tastes as fun and refreshing from the first sip to the elegantly clean finish. Triple medal winner including “Best Specialty Cider”.

Apple Blossom

(Semi-dry hard cider, 6.5% ABV, gluten free); This refreshing upgrade from a traditional hard cider was crafted from a complex blend of fresh pressed apples and a hint of finishing juices to create a drink that is equal parts evolutionary, refreshing and satiating. From the blossom aromas on the nose to the clean finish, this cider is enjoyable to the bottom of the glass. Winner of two medals.


(Dry hard cider, 6.5% ABV, gluten free); Our Cranberry hard cider is made with a five apple blend and cranberry juice to impart an eye-catching rose color and fruit forward flavors that dance in the mouth. The juice is finished with oak that adds an extra measure of complexity and a tasty clean finish.  Enjoy it in a champagne flute or a wine glass to capture the tiny bubble streams and enticing aromas of this sophisticated cider. Bronze medal winner.

Blood Orange

(Dry hard cider, 6.5% ABV, gluten free); This seldom seen hard cider has been receiving rave reviews wherever its poured. This treat to the senses is a custom blend of fresh pressed apple juices finished with blood orange juice and hints of spices giving it a golden-orange glow. This craft cider is effervescent with a lingering, crisp citrus finish.  It’s hard to have just one. Bronze medal winner.